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2023-2024 SEASON

JUNE 2024



Wisdom is mighty.

Wisdom is great.

Wisdom protects us all.

By David Burton

Directed by Kimberly Sim


In the not too distant future, coming-of-age is a little different. Thanks to a fantastic scientific discovery, citizens embrace eternal youth through Wisdom; a series of government mandated injections that promises the end of old age, arthritis and many chronic illnesses.

But an idyllic, strictly regulated existence free of the shackles of aging isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When side effects start to spread and citizens become aware of the lengths the state will go to maintain order, the only answer is revolution.

Who has the right to a political voice? Can teenagers really make a difference when the world is set against them? Join Conundrum Theatre’s Impact Collective on their exploration of power, authority and aging.

8- 9 June @  Inspired Arts

11 Sam Leong Road Level 2 207903


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MAY 2024



Get ready to laugh, cry, and everything in between, as Conundrum Theatre’s Performance Ensemble throws a wild party with their vibrant production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.


Imagine a mash-up of Greta Gerwig's dazzling Barbie world and the futuristic flair of Luc Besson's The Fifth Element. That's the electrifying backdrop for this romantic comedy set on the euphoric Twelfth Night of Christmas, a time when social order gets hilariously flipped.

Don't be fooled by the glitter and glam, though. Amidst the joyous chaos, a deeper truth emerges. Shakespeare's timeless questions about love, loss, and identity resonate through the ages. How do we handle intense emotions? Do we laugh, cry, or lose ourselves entirely? Will Viola find her happily ever after? Can Olivia overcome her grief? What happens when desires clash and secrets spill?

Get ready for a whirlwind exploration of connection, grief, and the societal masks we wear, as this production tackles themes of fragile masculinity, addiction, and the enduring presence of patriarchy, proving that Twelfth Night remains shockingly relevant today. Witness characters grapple with mental illness, dissociation, and the complexities of desire, in this sparkling take on Shakespeare’s classic play, guaranteed to leave you breathless and wanting more.

23-25 May @ The ARTGROUND Whitebox 


JUNE 2023



Someone is locked in a room. Someone brings someone else flowers. Someone has tied themselves to a railing. Someone doesn’t know who they are. Someone worries about impending catastrophe. Someone jumps in front of a train. Someone’s heart falls out of their chest. A butterfly has a broken wing.

Brought to life by Conundrum Theatre's Impact Collective (an ensemble of 12-15 year olds), Chaos is a symphony of dislocated and interconnected scenes. A series of characters search for meaning in a complicated and unstable world. Bouncing through physics, the cosmos, love, and violence, they find order in the disorder of each other.


3rd and 4th June at Inspired Arts, 11 Sam Leong Road, Singapore.



An Apocalyptic Love Story

An electrifying, neo-punk exploration of identity, love, sexuality, and the existential crises threatening our collective existence.

Proudly presented by Conundrum Theatre's internationally acclaimed Performance Ensemble, "Motormouth & Suckface: An Apocalyptic Love Story" is a coming-of-age love story centered around a group of high-schoolers who are navigating the challenges of self-discovery and identity formation.


Against the backdrop of a rare Singapore drought, the characters grapple with the weighty decisions of losing their virginities, ending their current relationships, and navigating their futures . The plot takes an unexpected twist with the arrival of Blasko, a new girl who warns of an impending climate disaster and the potential annihilation of humanity.


As the characters confront this existential threat and face a horde of zombies unleashed by Blasko's parents, they are compelled to confront their true selves, their aspirations, and their willingness to survive by transcending into another dimension.


This wild and eccentric production masterfully encapsulates the essence of the teenage experience, exploring themes of self-discovery, love, and the urgent need for climate action.


ADVISORY: Some Mature Content and Coarse Language - recommended for Ages 13 and up.

15-17 December @ The Drama Centre

Motormouth & Suckface Poster




We are proud to announce that our latest show, THE EVOLUTION REVOLUTION, will be performed both in Singapore and the Adelaide Fringe Festival in February 2023!


Devised by The Performance Ensemble and written by emerging Singaporean Playwright and Conundrum’s Associate Artist, Kimberly Sim, The Evolution Revolution is an absurdist investigation into Power, Control, Manipulation, Ethics, Justice, and Body Autonomy in the modern world.


Directed by Claire Glenn.  

Programme (Singapore Season) available here.

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