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I Still Have No Friends

Image by Stu Nankivell



Part survival tale, part psychological horror, and part coming of age drama, I Still Have No Friends is the darkly humorous story of the teenage survivors of a nuclear bomb that exploded while they were attending an International Youth Leadership Conference. 

Set against the backdrop of global and political unrest, the young survivors of I Still Have No Friends must work together to build society anew. Can they do it? Or will the combination of complex personalities, lack of resources, and fragility of power bring them all crashing down?

Will anyone survive in this post-apocalyptic world? Or will the young people discover that, even at the end of the world, they still have no friends?

Investigating themes of power, relationships, community, corruption, mental health and the supernatural, I Still Have No Friends explores whether humans can truly get along, or if our primal and inherent instinct is to covet power and control, no matter the cost. Are we destined to hurt each other to prove our superiority? Or can we act with kindness? What is the world we want to live in?

Show Duration: 60 minutes

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