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When residing in Australia, Claire Glenn and Anthony Kelly were also frequent collaborators of South Australian Youth Arts (SAYarts) and have worked on the following projects with SAYarts’ Managing Director, Bec Pannell, her incredible team and the wonderful children and young people of that company. 

Claire and Anthony have worked on the following projects for SAYarts (with Claire as director and Anthony as technical designer): 


by Sophia Simmons 

Presented by SAYarts 

2020 Adelaide Fringe Festival 

In the near future two beings meet in a bunker. Robot? Human? Hybrid? Appliance?  


Imagine, if you can, a future of driverless cars and talking appliances. When AI rule our lives and the lines are blurred and rules don’t matter. When humans love robots. Laugh til your battery dies, weep until you rust as we ponder life, the universe, and Artificial Intelligence. 


We can learn. We can unlearn. We are not only human. We are machines. 



by Alan Grace 


Presented by SAYarts 


2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival 


Goddess On A Highway was an original work, devised by the SAYarts' On The Fringe Ensemble, that investigates the nature of power, control and corruption in the world using the theme of Cults. 


We all want to belong, and Devereaux, lost and confused, has finally found her place amongst 'The Children' in a welcoming commune, a perfect setting. Paradise. Or is it? 


An exhilarating and, sometimes, chilling work that interrogated power and corruption the modern world through the lens of cults.  





by Alan Grace 


Presented by SAYarts 


2018 Adelaide Fringe Festival 

I Still Have No Friends is a contemporary reworking of William Golding’s Lord Of The Flies, set against the backdrop of global and political unrest.   

We live in a world in turmoil : Bushfires, floods, droughts, climate catastrophe on a global scale, pandemics, wars, walls, lies, insurrection, impeachment trials, poverty, racism, bigotry, hatred.


I Still Have No Friends is a piece of theatre that asks its audience to look at the world around them and challenges them to make a change. It’s a work that asks, in 2020, are we all just living in one big Lord Of The Flies? Are we destined to all kill each other to prove our superiority? Or can we act with kindness? What is the world that you want to live in? 




by Ben Brooker and Claire Glenn 


Presented by SAYarts 

2016 Adelaide Fringe Festival 


Everybody Dies was devised by SAYarts’ On The Fringe ensemble and was a response to their fears that antivaxxer culture could lead to a global medical calamity. Using absurdism, farce, satire, slapstick and lots of pus, plague, and pox, Everybody Dies asked the audience to believe in science, to vaccinate and to wash their hands.  

GODDESS ON A HIGHWAY - presented by SAYa

Image by Lauren Playfair for SAYarts

I Still Have No Friends - presented by S

Image by Stu Nankivell for SAYarts

Everybody Dies Presented By SAYarts - Im

Image by Stu Nankivell for SAYarts

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