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I asked my children to describe Claire Glenn and they said, ‘She makes me feel happy. We miss her.


Claire breathes a phenomenal sense of ownership and confidence in young people. She listens and laughs with them, lets them truly share their souls, then helps them create theatre so they can express themselves, and their views, to the community and beyond. I watch them light up in her presence, feel safe. She asks questions to draw out what’s important for them, finds depth in silly topics and fun in serious ones. She is an absolute gem when it comes to amplifying the voices of youth.  


I have seen a lot of Drama groups over the years, but Claire’s are special. She reflects each individual beautifully, capturing the personalities and quirks. Every show of Claire’s is so different because of this, and you can feel the pride she has forged in her students and the absolute joy they have in working with her. There is always brilliant physicality, teamwork and focus. Audiences are treated to glimpses into the minds of young people, walk away both entertained and thinking a little differently. Most importantly, Claire creates a point of connection - for the young people, their families and the community. We have been so lucky to have her in our children’s lives.” -  

Kim Messer  


Claire Glenn is a driving force and an amazing artist.  Her focus is always, always on the development and voice of children and young people.  She is a leader, and advocate, an incredibly imaginative theatre-maker, a risk-taker, a networker, a dreamer.  Long before she became Artistic Director, she was the beating heart of SAYarts.  She pushes and challenges us all to be better, to do better for our students.  Her belief in and mentorship of each and everyone of us and the young people she works with is the bedrock of what we do. For the young artists, she has been a safe place, a right of passage, a force to be reckoned with who has held them to account and pushed them further, with integrity and love, more than any educator I know. Claire has taught them how to be better actors and better humans. 

Rebecca Pannell, Creative Producer and Managing Director, SAYarts 

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