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Claire Glenn is an extraordinary community cultural development worker. She has developed a career as one of the few youth theatre specialists in SA, developing expertise working with young adults. Her body of work is as innovative, of very high quality, engaging to audiences, and covers a wide range of styles. She has worked on several projects with ActNow Theatre and is an excellent collaborator and artist. Claire has an amazing ability to develop authentically youth-led projects with groups of young people including those from low-socioeconomic backgrounds. She is an industry leader in how to support the unique expression of young people.

Edwin Kemp-Atrill, former Artistic Director, Act Now 


 Many creative people stumble into working with young people at some point because it helps diversify their income or they want to impart their knowledge to the next generation. Some exceptional few choose to work with young people because they are champions and allies of young people – young people as artists, creators and provocateurs. Claire is one of those exceptional few. 

Alysha Herrmann, Regional Creative Producer, Carclew & Country Arts SA 


Claire has worked with an impressively diverse array of young people, from a range of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds – from urban landscapes to the outback, as well as disengaged youth and the extremely anxious. Regardless of these variances, Claire has always been equally accommodating with these people and managed to get all of them to produce outcomes that met or exceeded their (or our) expectations. She continues to blaze a trail in South Australian Youth Arts, creating thought provoking shows that tackle hard-hitting issues, while simultaneously opening creative doors for young South Australians

Stu Nankivell, Maker and Collaborator


Claire is a creator of magnificent interactive and immersive theatre. She seamlessly evokes, provokes and then weaves together stories from the people she works with. She has extraordinary skills in knowing how to get the best out of a project. She listens to the people she is working with so that the end product is integral to their voice. Claire captures the audience and the community in a world that has been created through dedication, fun, collaboration, cohesion and connection. I believe she is absolutely precious for the Adelaide community, Adelaide Artists and South Australian young people, who will learn skills and have an experience that is second to none. 

Tamara Lee, Social Worker, Creative Producer, Actor, Director, Facilitator 


Claire Glenn allows everybody to shine in their own ways, building an extremely personal connection to everybody in the cast - which is so rare in the drama world. She knows every child like the back of her hand and does everything in her power to ensure the success of every actor on stage. Her creative concepts challenge the understanding of performance art, and it is incredibly interesting to be a part of her productions as she teaches ways the laws of drama can be curved to create rare works of art. She inspires everybody to be better, to perform better and to take time to really involve everyone on stage.  

Charlotte O’Broin (17) 

My passion has always been to be an actor and I always thought that because I cannot read that it was just a dream.  Claire has helped me with my dreams.  She has not given up on me.  I started at Carclew and then she invited me to On The Fringe which led me to help out on Area 53, and then I joined the SAYarts Mighty Stories group too.  From a short film, to three fringe shows, to running down the street dressed as an alien, I have the best two years with Claire. Thank you.   

Kynan Hartley (15) 


Claire has been such a big part of my life.  She has helped me become the person I am today, who is ten times more confident and I never could have imagined a career pathway in the arts without her support and encouragement to push me to be better and try harder.  I love her so much and I consider her to be like a second family to me.  Claire is a beautiful soul and a huge inspiration to me in every way (even her fashion) and I truly hope to lead a similar life.

Cass Morgan-Yanner (18)

I love having Claire in my life. I love how she is always there. I love how she brings out the best in me and challenges me.  I love the way she treats everyone. I love that she’s our theatre mum – she’s amazing at it. I love her style and I love her smile.  I love her story, it has inspired me. I have grown so much because of Claire and that’s why I love her. 

Lauren Dibell (15) 

It has been the most enjoyable experience working with Claire and being taught by her.  I have loved every step of the way and I am so thankful for it.  She has helped me grow so much, not just as an actor but as a person.  She has constantly inspired me and taught me lessons I will never forget.

Marianna de Tullio (15) 

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