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Concept by Deb Hughes and D’Faces of Youth Arts Inc 

Created by Conundrum and D’Faces of Youth Arts Inc. 


Where To? From Here! was a community and cultural development project created by D’Faces as a response to the Arrium OneSteel Mine in Whyalla going into administration.  This mine is the economic heart of Whyalla and its potential closure meant that people were losing wages, losing hours, losing jobs and some people were even leaving town.  The tight-knit community’s young people started to feel like their town was dying.   


In Where To? From Here! Claire and Anthony worked directly with young people from D’Faces to explore their fears, their hopes for the future and what they would do to save their town.  Using CACD and Verbatim techniques, the ensemble created a new theatre work that premiered for community members at D’Faces’ performance space in October 2016.   


Where To? From Here! also was the birthplace of the Ruby Award winning project, Area 53. 

Where To From Here Image - Image by Deb

Image by Deb Hughes for D'faces

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