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Concept and Creation by Conundrum 

Presented by Glenelg Shire Council and Julia Street Creative Space 

Portland, 2011 

SuperCOOEEfragilisticexpialiCRIKEY was a community and cultural development project for children living in and around Portland on Victoria’s South West Coast.  The project look place on the land of the Gunditjmara people.  

Led by Claire Glenn, Anthony Kelly and Nikki Adams, SuperCOOEE was a reimagining of the problematic and divisive 26 January Australia Day (Invasion Day/Survival Day). Participants were asked to imagine what their ideal Australia would look like and were supported in bringing that vision to life using performances, sculpture, murals and sound art.  


An audience of community members were then invited to “jump” into this new world (just like in Mary Poppins!) to see what the Australia of these extraordinary children’s imaginations looked like: peace, equality, farming, motorbikes and barbecues. 

SuperCOOEE 1
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