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Written by David Mence 

Directed by Claire Glenn 

Technical Design by Anthony Kelly 

Produced by Bec Pannell and Claire Glenn 

Presented by SAYarts and Conundrum 

“Macbeth canst ne’er be slain by man nor sword 

For he hast now become and Undead Lord” 

From the award winning SAYarts and Conundrum, directed by Claire Glenn and performed by SAYarts’ On The Fringe ensemble, Macbeth Re-Arisen was the schlock-horror, black comedy sequel to Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  

On a Highland crag, Macbeth re-emerges to take Scotland, this time with a chainsaw hand and a zombie army.   

All your favourite characters come back to life, including Lady Macbeth, while others meet a grisly end.  A moral fable that investigates the nature of power and corruption, using the original story of Macbeth as a blank canvas and asks its audience, “what happens when the quest for power goes too far?”. 

Macbeth Re-Arisen Headshot

Image by Lauren Playfair. Edited by Stu Nankivell. 

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